Restoring Teeth


Bacteria in the mouth produce bacteria causing the outer layer of teeth to decay leading to the formation of dental caries.  After removing damaged tooth structure we use high strength resin to restore the integrity of the tooth.  We can also remove old, dark amalgam fillings to improve the appearance of a tooth and it’s long term health.



In some cases excessive tooth decay can make a normal filling an ineffective treatment option.  In order to properly repair the tooth we recommend the use of a dental crown.  Dental crowns are can be made of porcelain, metal or a combination of both and provide superior strength and durability to the damaged tooth.  Placing a crown involves two appointments.  During your first visit we will reshaped the tooth, take an impression for the final crown and make a temporary crown for you to use between appointments.  During the second visit we will place the final, color matched crown and ensure it fits perfectly.



If a patient is missing a tooth and the teeth on either side of that space also need restoration abridge is a fantastic option.  A bridge is also a good alternative to getting an implant if the patient is not a good candidate for an implant procedure. Our clinical team will be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all viable treatment options during your visit.  Like crowns this procedure does require two appointments.

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