Preventative Care

Most of your dental care is home-based; brushing and flossing twice daily is recommended by the American Dental Association.  Evidence has increasingly shown that the best way to prevent any cavities or decay is to keep up with two preventative appointments every year.   Waiting until something hurts is usually a more expensive way to manage your dental care.

Dental Hygienists are specifically trained and

Preventative cleanings and exams may include:

  • Plaque removal using gentle ultrasonic technology
  • Teeth polishing and flossing
  • Exam by both hygienist and doctor to determine if any treatment is needed
  • X-rays for routine assessment of molars or full mouth diagnosis
  • Fluoride treatment

Other preventative services include:

  • Digital x-raysThe main tool to diagnosis dental cavities and other potential problems.  Plus digital technology make them faster and safer for the patient.
  • Scaling and root planing: A periodontal therapy that helps prevent further bone loss and overal development of periodontal disease.  This procedure can be done with anisthetic in order to reduce discomfort for the patient.
  • Oral hygiene instruction: We provide detailed instruction about correct brushing and flossing technique to ensure you maintain proper oral health.

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