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diagram of dental implant assembly and mouth with implant in Issaquah, WA

Dental implants have indeed become a very popular way to replace missing teeth in adults. And why shouldn’t it be popular? After all, it’s a long-term tooth replacement that truly does mimic the appearance and functionality of a real tooth. You have to appreciate the wonder of dental technology and how far it’s come! Here’s what to expect when you get dental implants from our dentist Dr. Aaron Wellborn and his award-winning dental team.

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

You shouldn’t leave gaps in your smile, otherwise, you risk dealing with further complications and smile issues down the road. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit your family dentist, Dr. Wellborn, as soon as possible after losing a tooth to find out what your options are. Most people choose implants because they are designed to replace the whole tooth, from the crown down to the roots. An implant is made up of three parts,

  • The metal post or screw, which is placed directly into the jawbone to replace the roots of your tooth
  • The abutment, which sits on top of the metal post and connects the implant with the artificial tooth
  • The artificial tooth, or dental crown

The Process of Getting a Dental Implant Can Take Months, But is Worth It

It can take several months to get your full dental implant, as we have to wait several months for the jawbone and implant to integrate naturally. Implants offer an up to 98 percent success rate, which also puts our patient's minds at ease when getting their new tooth.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants indeed offer a lot of cool and unique benefits that are special to this tooth replacement option alone. Some of these benefits include,

  • Preserving the jawbone, promoting the development of healthy new cells, and preventing bone loss
  • Supporting the natural structure of the face to prevent sagging skin, structural changes to the face, and the formation of lines and wrinkles
  • Filling gaps in your smile to prevent your natural teeth from shifting into those gaps
  • Fully restored chewing and speaking (you can eat what you want without having to worry about your tooth)
  • A tooth that stays put, doesn’t move around, and can last the rest of your life with the proper maintenance and care
  • Increased confidence in your appearance
  • A major boost to your personal, professional and romantic life

Whether you are turning to Dr. Wellborn for dental implants or routine checkups, we are proud to know that our dental excellence proceeds us. To schedule an implant consultation with our team, call us today at (425) 427-1850.

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