Clinical Team

Angel Ross, Dental Hygienist


As a local to Western Washington, Angel has always called the Pacific Northwest home and loves the Eastside.  She currently resides in her new Snoqualmie home, but was a previous resident of Kirkland.  Angel is one of our newest employees, but we knew IMMEDIATELY that we wanted her to come work with us full-time when patients commented on her gentle touch.  From the first day, we have heard nothing but wonderful things about her!

She speaks very quietly at work, but we have sources telling us she is an avid hockey fan and gets carried away yelling at the injustices on the ice.  While we have seen her bust out some sweet dance moves at work, she swears that she doesn’t like to dance.

Newly wed, her husband, recently took her on a romantic tropical honeymoon where she refused to snorkel.  Even with 4 types of life preservers, she questioned her swimming skills and inability to fend off a shark attack.  Please feel free to ask her about this experience.

She is very close to her 35 family members who live nearby and they love to play competitive ping pong and board game challenges when everyone can get together.

Melanie Harman, Dental Assistant


We refer to Mel as the “glue that holds the office together.”  Her confident and quiet steadiness helps us all maintain a sense of calm throughout the day.  Her skilled work with children and anxious/fearful patient are amazing!

Melanie grew up in Redmond, WA and, while she looks like she is 15 years old, she has been assisting since 2008; she has been here since 2014.  She sits next to Dr. Wellborn all day, so, naturally, she has a good sense of humor.  If you want to be entertained, ask Dr. Wellborn to tell you some fun facts about Mel’s life.

She loves to pet and/or house sit.  While she typically takes care of dogs and cats, her dream pet is a turtle.  She is an avid swing dancer, hiker, and camper, even though she wears toe-shoes every day to work also (we think she has multiple pairs).  Mel loves Thai food and gluten free pancakes (not together).

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